Teeth Whitening Special!

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It’s OFFICIAL –  McLennan Street Dental is now blogging!  Thanks for reading our inaugural blog entry!  We will be updating this on a monthly basis with news from the practice as well as dental health related information and advice.

To celebrate our first post, we are offering a great special on our in-surgery TEETH WHITENING system.  Its an limited time offer, we are offering patients the opportunity to have their teeth professionally whitened with our “Pola Office +” bleaching system, for the discounted price of $500.  This includes a set of custom made home bleaching trays for additional “Top-Up”use at home.  This package normally costs $800.

Professional in-surgery whitening involves the application of a highly concentrated bleaching agent onto the teeth.  The gums are first covered using a protective barrier, and the lips and cheeks carefully retracted to ensure bleach is only applied to the teeth.  The bleach is then activated using an optimised light and applied for 10 minutes.  This process can be repeated up to 3 times to achieve the desired shade.  The whole process takes approximately one hour to complete.  Some temporary teeth and gum sensitivity can be expected following treatment, which usually lasts no more than 1-2 days.

Bleaching is a highly effective and safe way of achieving whiter teeth.  However bleach works on healthy enamel only, so the presence of dental decay, fillings, crowns or bridges may diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.  The presence of gum disease or excessively receded gums may also mean that bleaching may not be appropriate, or other dental treatment may be required prior to whitening.  Our dentists will thoroughly assess your teeth to see if you are a suitable candidate.

Call our practice to make an appointment to take advantage of this special offer!

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