Protecting Tiny Teeth!!

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Did you know that the rate of tooth decay in kids in Australia is RISING!

Tooth decay is a completely preventable disease, but as our diets have become increasingly sugar rich, we are now seeing an increase in tooth decay in today’s children.

In the following video, Dr. Karl talks about tooth decay and how it can be prevented with a healthy diet.


Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth in your Kids:

  • Try to establish an oral hygiene routine from the time they get their first teeth. Begin with using a wet cloth and gently wiping over the teeth and progress to a toddler sized toothbrush without any paste initially.
  • Make the time as fun as you can for your child!
    • Sing nursery rhymes or play a favourite song while they are brushing
    • Get them an electric toothbrush as a novelty.
    • Offer positive reinforcement (verbal and rewards) when your child lets you brush for 2 minutes.
  • Start using a children’s formulation toothpaste from 18 months onwards. Only a thin smear of toothpaste is needed.
  • Keep supervising your child’s brushing until the age of 8, making sure you are giving their teeth a brush as well.
  • A healthy diet lower in sugars will help to prevent dental decay from developing.
  • Foods such as sweet biscuits, sugary drinks, lollies, fruit snack bars and some breakfast cereals are best avoided or only occasionally as a special treat.
  • Cheese and other dairy products make great snacks in place of biscuits, crackers or chips.


If you do not have access to fluoridated drinking water, for instance tank water, your child may need to have access to other sources of fluoride to protect their teeth.  Talk to our dentists about what may be appropriate.

Children’s teeth should be checked regularly every 6 months as decay can progress quite quickly in baby teeth and it is always easiest to treat a cavity as early as possible.

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