Orthodontics refers to treatments that help to change the position of your teeth to create a straighter smile and a better bite.

At Mclennan Street Dental, our main focus is helping our patients achieve the smiles that they are after. Often this means turning crooked teeth straight! Whether it is with traditional metal braces, white ceramic braces or clear plates (Invisalign), there’s a way to turn a smile with crooked and crowded teeth into a beautiful straight smile.

Our dentists are trained to thoroughly assess your smile and bite to provide the best solution. Whether you are worried about your children’s teeth or always wanted straighter teeth for yourself, we can guide you through the different options and help choose the right one for you.

Benefits of braces for young children and teens

Most young children and teenagers present to us concerned about crooked teeth or imperfect smiles. As well as creating beautiful smiles, the benefits of braces for kids and teens include:

  • improved facial profile
  • better dental function
  • increased self esteem

What is the right age for a first visit to an orthodontist?

Although full treatment of braces for children doesn’t usually start until 11-13 years old, we recommend an initial consultation for them at 8-9 years old, so that we can identify any problems requiring early intervention treatment.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

The average time for full braces is two years, and this obviously varies, but the constant is a beautiful smile as an end-result.

Adult orthodontics

It has become increasingly popular for adults to seek out treatment to straighten their teeth.  People who undertake braces as adults understand that you are never too old to have a beautiful smile. Adults take pride in their hair, skin, attire and general appearance, so why not maximise their best asset – their smile!

Whether it is with traditional braces, clear ceramic braces or Invisalign clear aligners, there are different options to achieve a great cosmetic result.

We understand that it can be hard as an adult to get used to something new, as well as the difficulty in social or work situations of having braces.  That is why we always endeavour to complete treatment in the shortest time possible without compromising a great result.

When it comes to treatment options and payment plans, we will happily talk you through your options, answer any questions and do all we can to ensure you’re comfortable moving forward.

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